Saturday, May 05, 2007

Garden tick(s)

Nice ticks not blood sucking ones, we get those too. Redstart singing from the Ash tree by the bedroom window was in the garden as opposed just beyond it but Garden Warbler singing in and around the garden was entirely new.

Siskin are up to at definite 4, probable 6 and most likely 8.

Gorse is just going over but is still superb.


Nick Carter said...

What's a Redstart?

Alastair said...

Has anyone looked down the bottom of Cragg Vale? That's the last place I heard one in Calderdale. I'll see if i can find a map ref.

Nick Carter said...

Nick D and Steve Cummings have had one in Luddenden Dean this evening, not sure if anyone has checked Cragg.

Alastair said...

I should be able to find you a few here :-)