Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rare? carabid in garden + Kettleness

Kettleness began with promise with 6 Wheatears by the gardens. An elusive Phyllos? flicked away on the under-cliff. The Stonechats were heard and Sandwich and Artic Terns went by. I didn't go to the point but had a quick look at the sea from the cliff top - loads of Gannets and strangely no auks ....? A few Swallows trickled west with 3 Sand Martins, Swifts trickled west steadily and a further Wheatear was in the cliff top fields but that was it - except for the usual Whitethroats, WWs and Tree Spugs. On the mammal front the usual Roe Deer and Hare (the leveret photo is from last week, distorted through the car screen) put in an appearance, a single Porpoise was briefly glimpsed. Wall Brown with a distorted wing on the x-railway line.

Back home in the garden Siskin is now the commonest and most frequently seen and heard bird - there's even a possible nest in the garden. Garden Warbler is still about. Carefull investigation of a few choice stones found 3 more juvvy Slow Worms. 2 Wall Browns, 1 Peacock, 5ish small/Green-veined Whites and an Orange Tip flittered (is that a word?) round the garden. Mollie found the star of the day Carabus nitens wandering across the shingle back-yard - nice one Molls. Oh yes, and there was a small rat in the compost bin.

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