Saturday, June 02, 2007

Breeding birds

Several sessions hunting out breeding birds for BirdTrack sites. Thursday, at the head of the dale brought even more Whinchats with 5 pairs - plenty of females now in. Tree Pipit, Redstart and Stonechat also in evidence.

Scaling Dam yesterday morning found Tufted with 3 chicks and Teal with 5 chicks. Also Spotted Flycacher, Whinchat, Cuckoo and a bundle of waders including possibly breeding Common Sandpiper and Oystercatcher. The Roe buck wandered down the hill.

Last night a third go for Nightjar was finally successful with at least two birds present, one singing. It was cold though and they weren't exactly performing brilliantly. Also 2 Woodcock. The wildlife spectacle I'd promised Louise was rather a disappointment.

A return to the Nightjar area was interesting this morning with lots of waders and Teal on the moor. Heard Merlin (and at one point I was certain I heard Hoopoe !!!) Redstart, Stonechat, Tree Pipit. Lots of Field Tiger Beetle - probably saw 250+.

The fields around the ruined house were beautiful but I always find these places eerie. Something about life's labours come to nought.

In the garden yesterday's suicidal Swallow is still contemplating nesting in the house (Louise took it off one of the cats yesterday after it had flown into the kitchen), Brimstone - first for the year. Pterostichus cupreus in the live traps and a 2 spot ladybird found by Ellen.

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