Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nikon brilliant product support

The rain guard had broken on my 8x32 HG bins. PG suggested some time ago I phone Nikon UK which I did on Wednesday. A new rainguard arrived Thursday morning, no charge. That is excellent product support on an old model (I've had these 5 years I reckon). Manfrotto and Focalpoint please note this is how it should be done.

I strongly advise readers to never purchase Manfrotto tripods because spare parts seem to be unavailable - I've made this mistake twice now, never again. My 190 will be on ebay soon if anyone is interested - maybe you need the spares? I've also got a lot of bits of a very expensive carbon fibre model - offers? I reckon the Slik (Bill's favourite tripod) looks good - any comments?

Other folk claim to have had good service from Focalpoint, they very badly let me down over a (Manfrotto) tripod that was still within one year of purchase. I will not use this company again and suggest some caution.

Pete, thanks for the tip. Nikon, thanks for the brilliant service, reckon my next bins will be Nikon too.

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