Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's this?

This looks like a ladybird larva but it doesn't match with any on my larvae id chart, any ideas anyone?

The Yellowhammer below was uncropped so click on the image for full value.


Nick Carter said...

I'm no expert but have you considered a woodlouse of some kind?

Alastair said...

It is 100% insect larva I'm sure. But you are not alone with this theory. Look at the legs (only 3 on one side and I don't think there are any hiding) and the antennae look insect like. It has similarities to several ladybird larvae (but it isn't one). Someone at BRC has passed it on to a beetle expert. If we are still stumped I might ask you to ask Mike .....oohhhhh errrrr

Nick Carter said...

Getting Mike to see a picture of it might be a problem, you know how the internet is a complete mystery to him!