Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Garden swamp

The lower part of the garden is littered with the small ditches we dug to get the water away from the house and debris brought down by the stream that flowed down the garden. Disaster was averted just by a rapid return home and 40 minutes digging. I returned rather muddy and bedraggled to my work evening meeting.

Whitethroat again singing from the garden briefly yesterday. Today there were 6 Lapwing and 17 Curlew in the fields below the house that have been cut.

During the rain several small frogs were found. The moles didn't seem to like all this water. A day or two earlier when there was also a lot of rain i found one dead on the lawn. The cats could have been the culprits but there was an angled hole out of the ground nearby, not the usual heap of soil. In the past moles have proved resilient to the kittens attentions and they have failed to kill them so I suspect this one either was ill or had too much water.

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