Saturday, June 09, 2007

Insects and birds

Whitethroat singing from the garden this morning and two Redpoll sp flew over and into the plantation. The Blue Tits are fledged, Great Tits still feeding young in the box. Coal Tit behaviour still suggests they're feeding young in the nest. Fog early a.m. + musical entertainment and beer last night has led to a decidedly slothful day. Grey Heron in the field below the house. Silage is being cut so Bl-h Gulls are more in evidence - feeding on insects in the cut fields or following the tractors.

Painted Lady appeared the day before yesterday and there were 8 yesterday evening, 18 at lunchtime today - there appears to be movement of insects from the north on the wind. Small Heath in the garden today. Yet again Dingy Skipper eludes me, another possible winged through at high speed earlier on.

The before and after pictures of the roadside verge show how the herbicide has clobbered the Cow Parsley. Leaflets arrived as promised from the park authority today. They are ok but despite the leaflets and the bit on the park website I'm not convinced the park authority sees this issue as very important. Looks like I'm going to have to go along to the parish council if I want to get the current mowing timings changed.

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