Tuesday, December 04, 2007

BBRC report

I love the BBRC report. The best bit is always the records not accepted. This time the best of those are the Blue-winged Teal records - if at first you don't succeed.....

There's a fascinating Bridled Tern record for Essex. This species, usually feeding just out of scope id range for 2 hours before vanishing forever to be seen at no neighbouring sites .... or, alternatively hacking north at such a rate it's gone in a moment and you think you imagined it and perhaps you did because no one else sees these ones either. This species showed off wonderfully for a single observer (I guess) who photographed it wonderfully well perched at close range and then equally wonderfully for all you Essex listers apparently didn't put it out on Birdguides for the best part of a week. I suspect A.Wright is no more, quite possibly now upright (concrete, one of) at the new Wembley Stadium or some other large and impressive construction (as befitting the finder of a close, stationary, poser of a UK holidaying Bridled Tern).

First Royal? No, no, no, deposed to "records not accepted" Off with their heads I should think (BOURC that is). No, no not me, its those Men of Kent you should beware of - a dangerous crew, mark my words.


Gallicissa said...

I am a birder from
Sri Lanka and a newbie to blogsphere. Mine is gallicissa.blogspot.com

Suggest a links exchange.

Happy birding!

East Ayton Birding said...

I've not read the report Alastair - I always thought the tern was a single observer record (full frame shot in Birdwatch).

Any dodgy ducks I need to take off my list - Canvasback at Pennington Flash, Bufflehead at Pugney's, etc.

Alastair said...

Nice blog Amila. I don't have a "birding abroad" links section, I should make your blog the first maybe.

Dave, I think ex-single observer in all likelihood. BBRC are looking at Redhead records, I can't remember offhand if this is a full scale review but there are now some doubts about identification of some of these as there is apparently new information that a proportion may be hybrids. I'll have a scout through to aee if there's any other dodgy quacker info.