Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blog disaster

I've changed the template as the picture header refused to go back up in any reasonable shape or form on the original template - as you can see I've been doodling with it. It's still not exactly as I want it to work but I seem to have problems with the picture header working properly whatever I do .... I've tried doodling around with the code in the widget but that hasn't provided any real solution. Some research is required methinks.


darrell j prest said...

save the image from the blog and if you have photoshop(not the poor persons elements,but the full blown real deal) re-size or what ever you want

merry christmas


Alastair said...

Er, you don't think I've tried this Darrell? To adjust the exact position and size of the header you need to mess with the HTML in the blog's template. The trick is to find the right bit of code for your particular blog template which is not as easy as it ought to be despite various quite helpful articles posted on the web. There is a known bug - Honey, Blogger shrunk my header! - It does work without all this faffing around for some templates - trouble is I don't like those templates much. Or sometimes it seems to just work, but not for my header (whatever I resize it to). My header image is shifted to the right if you look carefully and I can't (at this moment) do any better than that.

Alastair said...

Oh, nearly forgot Darrell, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and may Santa give Green Withens a BB in 2008.