Sunday, December 30, 2007


Winter Atlas stuff today, managed to complete my early winter squares. Best find of the day was a reasonable flock of Crossbills 17 or so which were singing and displaying. Of particular interest was the call of one male which was quite different to Crossbill standard call, much fuller and louder. It seemed to be using this call towards another male at one point. In all respects this bird looked like Common Crossbill. I caught the singing on video but not that call unfortunately. Will post video later - when Google decides it will take less than a half day to upload.

In one of my other tetrads during the hour I managed just two species. Red Grouse, 19, Redpoll sp, 1 (yup only managed to id one of the two .....).

Not one bird of prey seen in 5 hours field work in perfect Hen Harrier habitat :-(

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