Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas xess

Hawthorn in lovely light

Just forgive the spelling ok, no fit state really. Grab the moment.

02:10 girls awake and open stockings.
02:15 parents realise time is not reasonable - Louise convinces offspring that this is not the right moment..
Play musical beds.
04:00 Smallest offspring has sore throat, cries. Badseawatcher has seriously sore brain. Calpol administered.
07:00 Miracle occurs (perhaps Jesus is real) girls awake at reasonable hour. More stocking stuff, chocolate orgy.
07:01 Blur of paper ripping and Sellotape carnage.
07:01:31 All presents opened and unrecyclable waste is on garden burner.

Wonderful weather, gentle breeze, skies clearing from the west and eventually venture out properly at 14:00.
14:01 Leave moaning and wailing party and head off to find Little Owls - fail.

Amazingly find new pond , well at least a pond I didn't know about, 4 Moorhen in field. 15 Siskin fly south.

Cook food, (cleverly avoid severing arm with knife) eat, drink far too much alcohol, try to blog.

Dad yor bad

Bullfinch eating nettle seeds by garden feeders

Fortunately Louise cleverly gave me Linton Kwesi Johnson "Live in Paris" which chilled me somewhat. Serious headache anticipated, however.

Watch Dr Who.


darrell j prest said...

the pic of your family is a great one

have a good one

Alastair said...

Thanks Darrell.

Hey, now there's a little bit of Kylie around us all ....

Hope you've had too many Caffrey's.

Best regards,

East Ayton Birding said...

Glad to see the picture header problem has been sorted out.

Merry Christmas.

Alastair said...

Season's greeting to yourself Dave. I might get over to see that wheatear (the correct one hopefully) in the next few days.

Header is sort of sorted out, more like the error carefully disguised. Conflab with IT guru shortly may improve things further.

All the best,