Sunday, December 16, 2007

By 'eck its cold


Even I think it's cold and I live here

Interesting split between the frozen moor and the not frozen moor ..... I wondered why. (probably because it had rained/snowed on this bit and not on that bit).

Another Atlas square, another day. It was sunny below the moor when I set off but as I ascended Caper Hill the frost / snow stuff got thicker and thicker and the sun went in. 32 Red Grouse and 2 Pheasants pretending to be Red Grouse plus various bods who were most likely grouse nurturers. Thus not a Hen Harrier to be found. Outrageous in this perfect Hen Harrier habitiat. 2 Stonechats, 2 Robins, 2 Winter Wrens (one of the new names I rather like though what other sort of wren it might be I don't know) - actually I do cos I reckon they're winding up to splitting all those lovely island races. 1 Blackbird, 2 Chaffinch and 1 Fieldfare in the garden of the moor edge house. Then it started to snow. Shall I do another hour? Or shall I go home and sit in our nice warm kitchen reading the Guardian with a cup of tea? - No contest.

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