Sunday, June 29, 2008

Atlas not Glasto

A good tramp around a dale Atlas tetrad produced Whinchats, Tree Pipit, Curlew getting very agitated, Lapwing a bit agitated, and some rather nice organic lettuce. A return in the evening found Barn Owl en route and Tawny Owls and Woodcock still roding.

Insect Week has been a bit of a disappointment with very few insects immediately obvious Ellen and I caught a few Carabids this afternoon but it was a half-hearted effort. The pond remains full and two frogs were around and about it. The tadpoles are with back legs.

On the musical front NC admitted that Eddie Grant forced a few wild dancing steps but seniority (or the ale) prevailed. Ting Tings a bit disappointing, the overlooked (by me) Lupe Fiasco a triumph - click here.

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