Saturday, June 07, 2008

Goosey goosey

Scaling Dam has retained an unseasonal guest in the shape of a "Pink-footed" Goose, I note a White-fronted Goose was also recorded today (previously this bird has been noted wandering amongst the fishermen). I've had a couple of brief views of this "Pink-foot" - it has been asleep when I've seen it and I'm not good at grey geese but unless the two bird theory is in play here it looks Beanish to me. Today it was standing belly deep in water and only showed its head briefly twice, I just couldn't be sure what it is.

Much more interesting were the Little Ringed Plovers. I refound a the pair from last week but with three quite well grown chicks and found another pair with two very small chicks. Then at the Cleveland end there was a single bird, so I would guess there is another family there somewhere. No Oystercatcher on view, although recorded earlier in the week with three chicks. A pair of Teal were of interest but a female with 8 very small chicks was very pleasing to see.

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