Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crepuscular activity 2

This was a bit more like it ....

A colleague had seen an owl on her way to work so I went to check the spot out - Short-eared Owl was found fairly quickly, brief and rather distant views but good enough.

Down the road at a known Long-eared Owl spot a juvenile was hunger calling.

I then drove on to a place I'd tried before for LEO and failed but thought it looked good. At first no go but then as I drove back again a LEO flew across the road. A quick stop and I watched the bird hunting until it landed on the post and I tried to get the scope on to it. It disappeared as usual.

Believing my luck was in I drove a mile or so further to another place I'd always thought looked good but had failed in the past. As soon as I arrived an adult flew in carrying food, ace view. It called and the call was returned by another adult. Then a juvenile began hunger calling. In the end three juveniles were hunger calling, possibly three different adults were in the area and one of the adults gave an excellent set of calls close by escorting me out of its territory. Hopefully I can post some of this later - You Tube uploads permitting.

This last site seems possible for Nightjar, but there were none.

I drove on to another possible site, but by then it was too dark and the site was very silent.

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