Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bionic Robin noise reveals mega finch

Kettleness this morning and no inpouring of Redwings as partially promised by Scottish Blogster - actually 2 redwing and they bogged off pronto. Sea rather quiet, with 35 assorted larger auks in 30 mins mostly at some distance. On the point lots of Blackbirds and in the gully grey Song Thrushes dropping in. Also Chaffinch on the move with 25+ mostly SW. A flock of 16 Skylarks went east. The sea fret came in at about 09:30 and I began to wind up the search. Lots of noise by the old station loudly from football playing scouts but then -- the bionic Robin ticks were clearly of some interest and behold in the bottom of one of the sycamores there was a hawfinch. No chance for a photo as it quickly flew east into the fret. First time I've seen a coastal migratory one and a nice find, so well chuffed.

Golf course produced little more than Blackbirds and then the fret came in there also.

At home Siskin and noisy tawny Owls were of note + Red Admiral and Small White.

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