Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Golf Course today

A Redwing finally put in an appearance and was a new bird for the site for me. 10 days later than RHB or Whitestone. The gusty wind from the west meant birds were sheltering in the bushes around the main path with blackbirds in evidence - a small influx perhaps. The mega crop of hawthorn berries is going to take some devouring so there should be plenty for all the Waxwings that will shortly be here in abundance ...... One large flock of auks went east c50 (there's no auk sp slot on birdtrack) they were tooooo far out in poor light to id. A few Razorbill inshore, no Guillies. 2 sandwich Terns only.

A 10 minute stop on the way home at the eastern end of Sandsend - the western edge of the golf course patch really, produced just 2 Red thr Divers on the sea.

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Matt Bell said...

"...just 2 red throated divers..." Think of us poor sods in Calderdale, and how we'd feel about JUST 2 red throats!!!