Tuesday, October 10, 2006

John Peel

Right time, wrong speed was released today in advance of John Peel Day (2nd anniversary of John's death) on 25th October. A wonderful selection of tracks although I've yet to find anything with any whistling - John was very partial to some whistling.

This has reminded me that at some point I must list favourite tracks with birdsong samples - and name the samples maybe (that's quite tricky on some tracks) eg Beta Band. Will be pleased to hear of good birdsong samples on albums/singles for inclusion - to my email address please.

Can't currently find an image of Peter Blakes' portrait without a horrible red sticker on it (bit of a faff to scan the cd) so this is part of the image.


Nick Carter said...

The great John Peel, very much missed.

Nick Carter said...

The great John Peel, much missed.

Alastair said...

This is a test comment because Nick said he couldn't post

Nick Carter said...

Trying again, all I wanted to say was how much John Peel is missed, late evening journeys in the car have never been the same since we lost him.