Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh shit probably made a balls of it ...

As so often in birding something mundane becomes AN ISSUE. So why did I not take more care with those grey geese? I didn't even write the number down correctly (let alone identify the b******s correctly) well maybe anyway. So Filey record 8 Whitefronts and I thought these geese were Greylags. ok I only got a rear view- rapidly receeding and they didn't call and at least one showed a pale forewing and none of them showed black/dark flank streaks and I see greylags all the time and they looked like them (even up the bumdisappearingpronto). but... I strongly suspect I got these wrong. Today at home a Fieldfare early with 7 Redwing. Long-tailed Tits in the garden. Redwing going at around 11:00 again with c 150 or so. All this incidental and casual apart from the first 30 mins - Woodpigs moving early also going west (but are they the same ones that come east in the evening and roost?) Best bird a LB-bGull with the CGs on the shit. Then at 17:30 Redwing c70 went West in the rain and cloud .. Coast tomorrow with the famous cupboard inhabiting birder .... interview to follow.

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