Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birding today

I got to the golf course early, too early really but a couple of Curlew, and a Goosander went over or past. In the ravine there were a few more grounded redwing and a lovely male Brambling. The treeper from yesterday was still present. At home a Brambling called as i got out of the car and there were a few redwing then at 12:00 flocks of redwing moved through up the dale (west); 60; 28; 7; 17; then at 12:00 3 went half-way and turned back - the cloud was thickening to the west. This may have been caused by the light mist and cloud lifting at about 11:00 and the coastal birds which had been dumped by the cloud and some rain last night moving inland (well it's a theory). Amongst the redwing was another Brambling and a Siskin. Woodpig numbers are on the up with 90 in the dale and the gulls reached c250 CG and 36 Bl-hG. The gull presence has coincided with the slurry pumping of cow manure over the lower fields - last winter this caused a big increase in numbers. A butterfly was seen briefly in the garden, most likely a Small tortoiseshell but i didn't get a good look at it unfortunately.

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