Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kettleness Razorbill day

Interesting 2 hour seawatch with Razorbills moving 1,296 went east and not a Guillemot amongst them. Very few Guilly's in evidence, 4 on the sea just off the point and the only auks to go west (3) were probably Guillemot. Of course the flocks miles out might have been Guillemots but that seems a bit unlikely - most flocks were mid range, a good proportion were close and these were identifiable. The other day off the golf course c1,200 auks went east in 30 mins, at the time I presumed they were Guillemots but I now wonder especially as most of the birds at close range on the sea were Razors (from the Golf course they are miles away because it's in the bay). Other bits and bats included a slightly puzzling skua that looked a bit Ltish but was probably a 2ndcy Arctic - it was an Arctic in any case and a couple of Knot on the flats before the tide pushed them off. The sandwich terns do seem to be leaving now, 55 went east, none the other way and only one or two hanging about in the bay. At Sandsend later, those that appeared went through going east, although there was food available. 2 Grey Seals and 1 Harbour Porpoise off the point were the mammals of the day.

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