Thursday, July 26, 2007

Brief visits, Kettleness and Scaling

An hour and a half at Kettleness produced not much. 3 pale phase Arctic Skuas, one of which spent some time terrorising the feeding Kittiwake flocks, were the highlight. The other day all the Arctics were dark phase, today all pale phase ... Very few terns today with just 2 Commons and a handful of Sarnies (one carrying a fish). No terns out with the feeding flocks of Kitts.

Very few auks today, though the sea was rough in the SW4-5 and they were difficult to see.

At Scaling just 30 Swifts (all Common, no ChimChiminey) were of note. Moorhen broods of 1 and 2. A Woodpigeon carrying a stick, so that'll be the whole nest then.


darrell j prest said...

ooh i would love just one arctic skua at green withens!! any phase will do.

so i take you have had no look with the yna, it may still be inland,as a albatross was seen early this week in the midlands!


Alastair said...

7 today and 3 Soots