Sunday, July 01, 2007

Field management

I'm trying to manage some of the garden, well a fair bit of it to be honest, as a meadow. Last year at this time this area was full of Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil this year the "meadow" is choked with flowering Yorkshire Fog. Last year was the first time this area had been cleared of bramble for some time and I wonder if there is just a succession going on here. Looking closely the trefoil is there alright but under the grass. I've tried topping the grass (with care) in one area today so we'll see what happens.

First Meadow Browns of the year today, with about 5 Red Admirals. Silver Y yesterday.

The Whitethroat is still singing from the garden. Chaffinch killed itself flying into a window yesterday, the first such casualty for a year I think.

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