Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yesterday around and about

The first Ringlets of the year in the garden with 10 or so and one or two Meadow Brown. Best lepidopteran was a Chimney Sweeper in the garden, indicating a bit of a success for the management regime - there is some Pignut (the food plant).

A brief family trip to Scaling was aborted when small person fell in water and mud, however, LRP still present, Viviparous Lizard was a tick there and 7, 14 spot ladybirds on Marsh Cinquefoil. Also on the Marsh Cinquefoil was this interesting looking longhorn beetle. From its colour I'd suspect that it is associated with that plant - ideas anyone I'd really like to know what this is.

Back at the moor pond the tadpoles are bigger but still without limbs, there were at least 7 newts getting chummy, the thin ones following the fat ones very closely and this Common Blue Damselfly.

One the way back from the pub late on we stopped at a likely spot I'd not checked before Nightjar immediately around the car, then rather conveniently sat and sang in the tree next to us - Louise was well impressed - also great views of Woodcock and two juvvy LEOs were hunger calling.

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