Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's seabird time ....

Click on the pic to see the Whimbrel a bit better

It seems an age since I've seen a good seabird so today's adult Pom was ace. Tail was a bit worn so the spoons were only just visible but a nice one nonetheless. Supporting cast over the 4 hours included 3 Arctic Skuas, 44 Arctic Terns, 25 Common Terns (most of these going east once the wind had swung around). There were some Manxies, Common Scoter, Teal and a couple of Whimbrel which fed on the rocks below the point once the tide fell. The single diver that passed was unided as I got onto it late (and there were a couple of Blackthroats off Marske yesterday so caution carried the day).

Of the 60 - 70 Sandwich Terns that past there was only one juvenile, hopefully more will appear in forthcoming weeks.

There was a bit of auk movement with Razorbills heading east, a few Guillemots with them. As the tide fell auks feeding on the sea drifted west and late on these included some quite large groups of Razorbills - about 100. Only 2 juv Razorbills were seen on the water. Guillemots appear to have fared little better with but 3 or 4 juvs on the water amongst the 50 or so feeding.

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