Saturday, July 07, 2007

More ID storm petrels BB paper

Ok so they didn't use the word "typical" so apologies, the article actually says "All classic structural and plumage features of ....... are captured in this image (see text)." And I say if you can see em that well you don't need all this palaver and 10 Appendices. My favourite appendix is No 10 it explains by diagram that if you are on a big ship the angle of view of a storm petrel skittering along is rather steeper than if you were watching the little beaut from a small boat. The wonder of the diagram is that the storm petrel in the diagram is, well HUGE, like MASSIVE, it must be Cory's kind of size ... I guess this bird is the previously unknown to science Oceanites diomedea.

I'll stop it now, cos I do like BB really, honest.

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