Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kettleness yesterday

All this excitement has quite overcome me .... But an hour watching the sea yesterday morning produced 8 Little Gulls; a five and then a three on the half hour. Little else was moving although towards the end of the hour the Gannets crept up to a bit of easterly passage and a few Razorbills joined them. During the last 15 minutes or so a juvenile Gannet flew by close and it seemed really small and a bit of an odd shape, wings back down the body and the belly of the bird nearer the tail and rather prominent. Of course it was gone in a moment but it looked odd .... best forgotten.

In some respects what was not seen was most interesting, no divers, no Fulmar, no Kittiwakes.

Common Gulls have now arrived in some numbers - this is where they get to Martin, but it seems to take them a while - with at least 50 kicking about. There were 2 Shags on the sea and 1 went west, another sign of winter.

On the non-seabird front I'd flushed a Woodcock near the point, a Twite was heard as I walked back up the cliff. 29 Siskin went east and there were still good numbers of Blackbirds along the railway line, about 40.

And then I walked to Runswick Bay ....

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