Sunday, October 07, 2007

Most remiss of me

Not a Barred Warbler, more of a Spot Fly

This is a Firecrest

Photos by John Beaumont

The afore mentioned JB found some nice passerines last weekend at Ness Point and even sent me some pix. Somehow or other after I'd put the records on file I forgot to mention them - he did put them out on Birdguides. So to remedy matters. Barred Warbler - Little Raindale and Firecrest - Raindale, near Robin Hood's Bay. 29-09-07.


Boulmer Birder said...

Alistair, I reckon thats a Spotty Fly...

Alastair said...

I could say "just testing" ... but I'd be fibbing. To be honest I had a very quick look at the pic and thought oh yeah! John sent me a few pix unlabelled and I kind of presumed that one would be Barred Warbler. But if that's a Barred Warbler it ain't half got long wings .... John did tell me he'd seen a Spot Fly and I have absolutely no doubt about his Barred Warbler record, it's just this photo is, as you quite correctly point out, absolutely not a Barred Warbler but indeed a Spot Fly. Thanks Stewart, apologies John and doubly remiss of me.