Monday, October 22, 2007

North Sea Coast birding links

I'm just reorganising my links into categories, this should make navigation a bit easier - this is "a work in progress".

There is a real lack of information from Scotland - George Bristow excepted. There is no point in putting Flamborough on as the information on the Flamborough website is out of date - Brett posts the full details of seawatches on BirdGuides (as much as they don't edit out - BirdGuides seem to leave Flamborough reports on in full most of the time).

Some of the links I've included don't have up to date news. For example East Ayton Birding isn't a news site but Dave Mansell often posts excellent photos of Yorkshire coast rares.

If you are aware of any links that you believe I should include please email me at badseawatcher - the gmail account.


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