Friday, October 26, 2007

More rares but not at Kettleness

JB was in action again yesterday, indeed I understand it was a team effort with Birdgudes' Russell Slack (a long time Whitby birder) joining him. Two Pallas' Leaf Warblers were found along the railway line from Robin Hood's Bay - I believe at least one of these was in the apple trees about 1km from the village on the left of the old trackway (or at least in that area).

Badseawatching No4 - failure to use optics (= missed Bulwers Petrel, there it goes far right on the downward sloping bit of sea).

Meanwhile at Kettleness I had a rather laidback visit as Louise came with me. We wandered out to the seawatch point for 1/2 an hour (reward 2 Eider, 5 Common Scoter and unusually a Puffin) and then searched the undercliff pretty thoroughly (reward a very few Blackbirds and Redwing). Up on the railway line there was a Reed Bunting and a Brambling (first records for the autumn) and that was about it.


darrell j prest said...

is that a grey tuft of hair coming from your hat?

Alastair said...

Indeed it is. Pretty miraculous I have any left at all, but you must admit I look pretty sprightly for 83.