Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh! Some birding news perhaps ....

Redwings still trickling through the dale today with one small flock early p.m. Marsh Tit again in the garden. Yesterday the Tree Sparrows were around once more, heard from my lazy bed. Also Jays swearing in the wood below us, they've been about for a couple of weeks, the first in this part of the dale for two years. And Louise saw Grey heron over the moor.

I probably should have gone seawatching this morning as there was some wind - my feeling with Kettleness is that the direction does not necessarily dictate whether there will be birds or not. It is looking goodish for passerines tomorrow, maybe. Probably too much Moon (I've added a useful Moon gadget to the blog). I'll probably look at the sea first and then have a skulk about and attempt to de-skulk some skulkers.

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