Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rain, sea fret, shoes full of water and Yellow-browed

2 not nice pix of Yellow-browed - my excuse is it was tipping down and foggy

Spent the morning at home, sunny, no wind. Fixed the landing area for the girls' slide - so hopefully no more compacted vertebrae - and generally did house things. Then JB phoned at 11:40 to say he'd had 5 Yellow-broweds and at least 1 Dicky's Pipit at Ness Point - the area north-west of Robin Hood's Bay.

Then it started to rain.

Then I went birding.

I don't like looking for passerines; I'm not very good at it, they're often complicated little rascals to id, and the job inevitably involves barbed wire fences and irate landowners. However, I quite like Yellow-browed Warblers and I'm very partial to a Dicky's Pipit.

Kettleness was foggy, wet and cold .... and apparently birdless. I trudged round, and round, and round. There were a lot of Robins but last week's Goldcrests had gone and none had replaced them. Things were not looking hopeful. Then by the dell I thought I heard that distinctive Yellow-browed call but at that instant a crowd of Redwing dropped in and then I couldn't hear it again. I waited there for half and hour then gave up. I headed off back down the railway line and after a few 100m, bingo. A shadow in a Sallow made a very muted Yb call. It was enough, like a ferret with a rabbit I hung on and was rewarded with excellent views (and some seriously rubbish photos).

Encouraged I went off and searched the east end but in vain. A last look around the hamlet and there were Pink-feet in the fog. Shoes were now so full of water I was becoming a hydroponic human. So I went home.

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