Saturday, May 10, 2008

Digging a drain

Like Bitter Bonxie I've been wielding a spade a bit of late. Today I had to dig a drain. I've never dug a drain before but The Lake had to go - especially as it failed to attract breeding Black-necked Grebes. Highways seemed unenthusiastic about resolving our mini-sea outside the front gate problem so I took the initiative. Soon a huge pit was created which would have laid waste even the Mighty Shogun. Plastic sheet, drainage pipe, stones, gravel and a large crowbar were all enlisted in the project as was the next door neighbour. Louise directed operations and brought tea, this was after all a man kind of a thing. Neighbours waved bemusedly or encouraged amusedly from their passing vehicles. Tonight drainage - a process I usually frown upon - is in progress. No longer are those taking tea on the manicured front lawn interrupted by an unwanted muddy shower from the wheels of a Disintegrating Discovery. Rural relaxation is restored.

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