Friday, May 30, 2008

Organic Atlas

An Atlas visit to the tetrad across the dale that includes the organic farm. Redstart, 3 singing males; Tree Pipit, 3 singing males were best. Up in the conifers above the farm were one or maybe two Garden Warblers. A quick tramp on the moorland produced a Red Grouse with 8 or 9 day old chicks; the crafty Kestrel nearly cashed in when we disturbed them, she'd been hiding behind the wall we thought. Curlew and Snipe on the moor.

Back down on the farm the coppice in the woodland was full of Blackcaps, all very agitated as a Tawny Owl was lurking in a Hawthorn.

Back at the farm negotiating the purchase of lamb chops and charcoal was interrupted by Long-tailed Tits and a bevy of Swallows. We then went and eyed up future sausages and grumpy mother pig who looked a bit worn down by her offspring, we understand her feelings.

No pix today, it was fretty all day. Lamb chops are ++ tasty.

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