Friday, May 23, 2008

Her Majesty's Inspector

The call for the veritable flock of Baikal Teal came through during my discussions with the erstwhile inspector. Liz II had sent one of her senior chaps and this (on Wednesday) caused the missing of Little Stint and Grey Plover let alone the "Zoo Time" additions to the Scaling Dam list. No wonder I'm a republican.

Early this morning there was no such excitement. As I wearily propped myself up in the corner of the "now restored to luxury and comfort Scaling Dam hide" (some thoughtful birder has relocated half their sofa to the seating - lime green though) I was greeted by an LRP, some Lapwing chicks and 8 House Martins stuffing their faces with nest building mud. 3 standard type Teal at the Cleveland end and 1 at the Yorkshire end was all of interest on the duck front, the Goldeneye and Wigeon having apparently departed for colder climes.

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