Monday, May 05, 2008

Hmmm, not quite what I expected

Awoke to a flat calm so headed off to Scaling Dam, too late of course I should have gone yesterday evening in the rain. I might have got Black Tern if I had, or at least a Little Gull.

06:30 arrival and all the Lapwings go up, Marsh Harrier overhead. Good start. Also at the Yorkshire end Lesser Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, Cuckoo, Little Ringed Plovers x2 and a bundle of Snipe and Curlew. The afore mentioned Lapwing have chicks which is pleasing (less pleasing was the adult I picked up dead on the road at the end of the morning, however).

Down at the Cleveland end I finally caught up with the Tundra Bean Goose, surely this and its side-kicks are all rather feral (the Whitefront has been observed consorting with the fishermen, indeed). Also at the Cleveland end were Garden Warbler, Cuckoo, Swift, House Martins and a Common Sandpiper. There are still a Goldeneye and a Wigeon present a well.

The suspected Yellow-legged Gull showed itself again as well. I presume it is the same bird. After considerable scrutiny at long range I detected some rather too dark mantle feathers and compared to the Herring Gulls it was smaller and rather more delicate looking, depite a thick black bill - conclusion - Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Had a chat with another birder and I suggested it would be a good day for a look around Danby Beacon for Dotterel. I had intended to nip up there on the way home but time was a bit short and I reckoned on another opportunity later in the day.

Walked up Fryup Dale side instead later on, Emperor Moth was good, along with lots of fast moving Small Tortoiseshell but no Dotterel.

Got home and of course Dotterel on BirdGuides.

Zooooomed up to Danby Beacon, needed a bit of help to get on to them as I looked on the wrong bit of moor at first, but bingo, and not 6 but 8 rather excellent Dotterel that gave superb views.

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