Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yellowy-green day

Decided on Hawsker and got there at 06:30. It was not migrant city but a Spotted Flycatcher in the bushes of the caravan site filter bed was encouraging. Chiffchaff singing below the caravan site as well. Rosefinch Gully had no Rosefinch. On to Raindale checking fences and bushes as I went but to no avail.


A Chiffchaff or two in the Little Raindale Sycamores was encouraging. Then in to the Ash trees of Raindale itself. A strident song rang out, another Spotted Flycatcher was in the Ashes. The song continued intermittently and I tried to track down the vocalist. There was a lot of mimic in it so I was guessing Marsh Warbler but it seemed to lack that Accro signature. It managed Lapwing, Swallow, Linnet and a fair bit more - I'll put a couple of recordings up later if I can get YouTube to upload. I'd caught a couple of glimpses though and Accro seemed to fit. In the end it sang for a while from the depths of a Blackthorn but patience was rewarded as it flipped out and up and it was chunky and yellowy-green - not Marsh Warbler then.

Scarcity City Raindale, from the top this time

I climbed around to the old railway to look in the trees on the far side. Ah, there's something chunky and yellowy-green, bins on to a female Golden Oriole. I went for the camera and it flew so no pix. Off it looped to Robin Hood's Bay unfortunately.

Moments later patience was further rewarded as the mystery songster emerged from the Blackthorn with a bit of a flurry (songwise). Big, chunky, yellowy-green, Hippo it's Mr Iccy. The Icterine Warbler sat up in the bush for a few seconds giving ace views then flew off back in to Raindale, so no pix of him either.

I had limited time so headed steadily back along the railway checking fences especially but no R-bS. A flycatching Yellowhammer gave me a bit of a moment. But no further excitements, I'm not complaining.

Fly living dangerously

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