Monday, May 26, 2008

Wader egg scoffer splatted

The Golden Plover chick and its brother/sister were on the road on the way to an Atlas site this morning. I ushered them on to the moor with the camera but the pair's territory is at a T junction, I wouldn't be surprised if these don't make it.

Further up the road there was a squashed hedgehog. I usually feel rather sad to see one of these squashed but on the top of the moor, in prime wader breeding habitat I have mixed feelings, they're very partial to wader eggs.

Not quite as many waders on the moor as I had expected but a fair selection. Most interesting was a Whitethroat singing on the edge of a conifer plantation right out on the top of the moor. More expected were Tree Pipits and a Gos. A very brief view of what might have been a Monty but a ridge was in the way and I failed to relocate it, so best forgotten.

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