Monday, August 20, 2007


The north wind doth blow, but it didn't bring me many birds. Best bird in 2.5 hours this evening was a Little Gull. Initially there were terns and Kittiwakes feeding off the point and the Little Gull was with them. There was very little movement with only 6 Manx west and no Arctic Skuas. Bonxies were loafing about though and at least 5 were offshore.

A Bonxie had killed or found dead an auk and was eating it. Several Gannets appeared to take exception to this and were harassing the Bonx. The Gannets repeatedly flew around and dropped on to the Bonx. Perhaps this was revenge for fish lost in the past, or just because it was an opportunity to give the Bonx some grief. It clearly was not accidental as one Gannet repeated the behaviour 4 times.

There was a bit of quacker movement with Teal and Common Scoter heading mostly west and 6 Wigeon lurked around the point until also eventually going off into the bay. 11 Knot, including a nice red one also fed around the point until the tide forced them off. Whimbrel was again present.

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