Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kettleness then Scaling

Kettleness yesterday evening was rather dull. On reflection I should have spent the time taking pix as the light was nice initially and many things came close to the end, like Oytercatchers, Curlew, Sandwich Terns and the very lovely gull assortment. And that was about the whole seawatch - an adult Arctic Skua did chase the Sandwich Terns for a bit and a few Arctic and Common Terns came into Runswick Bay (with a reasonable proportion of juvs, so that's a bit more encouraging).

Scaling Dam this morning produced another juvvy Marsh Harrier which flew around a bit and then perched in a bush. There was a Green Sand as well. Spent most of the hour chatting to birders from Cleveland, a rare opportunity at Scaling where I hardly ever meet other birders. Quite unlike Kettleness where there are never other birders - unless I force them into my car and drive them there and then make them go birding with the business end of a tripod.

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