Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No proper birding

Clemmys et (far) and Clemmys mollis-toy (near) preparing to feed, Yorkshire, August 2007.

Did make one really interesting observation today. I rarely see turtles but theses two were feeding together, or at least they seemed to be waiting to feed, I did not actually observe the food items. The species involved appear to be Clemmys et and Clemmys mollis-toy, but I'm no expert. However, a recording made at the time and translated on the internet seemed to indicate food preferences.
C. mollis-toy - "I'll have scrambled eggs and a fish fritter."
C. et - "Make that two but steady with the HP."

I had a quick look at TWP this evening and that does seem to confirm my identifications in that: "Adults of this species (C. et) have been recorded consuming HP Brown Sauce with fish fritter on some 23 occasions, however, in 21 of those observations brown sauce was recorded as left on the plate after the turtles had departed. Raphael notes (Rapheal and Yoshi 1987) that C. mollis-toy was observed on several occasions to remove the lid from bottles that looked in shape and colour superficially like those of HP Brown Sauce bottles.".

Rather too knackered to go birding to tell the truth, however, this evening I heard a Hoopoe, the song strangely enough. Bit off my beaten track in Ambridge, it only called once, and was rather distant, but it's so distinctive, lots of House Martins about as well.

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