Sunday, August 05, 2007

Darrell - an apology

Now Darrell, I'm really sorry, please don't get all offended but .... I've taken the link to Green Withens Birding off my blog. See, the trouble is I've gone mainstream, sold out (if you will) and as amusing and jolly as I find your turn of phrase I know there are folk out there who might take offence. So, is it ok if I give you a plug from time to time? After all I don't want to turn my back on a patch watcher as obsessed and nutty as I ever was.

For those not easily offended by a word or two Darrell is a hero of the patch watching revolution, observing, with serious dedication, a site so unpromising that birders had only previously visited it when they got lost or were intoxicated. A place infested with offroad vehicles and other pestilences, a place where there are singularly very few birds, ever.

Parental advisory for sure to:

1 comment:

darrell j prest said...

you sold out!!! to who??? sky?? who have you sold out to?

though of course no problem it is a bit lewd.