Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you know what this is please post in comments

Went to the YSP on Saturday. At lunch time I had a wander around and found this orchid which I can't identify - help please someone ... Small Copper, Common Green Grasshopper, Gatekeeper.

In the afternoon we walked up on to the ridge to the new gallery - I think Mr Goldsworthy is having a bit of a laugh .... Sheep shit snowball indeed. And hare's blood and snow - I have this vision of the hare with its back legs tethered and its throat slit, bleeding to death over the canvas; now I'm sure that didn't happen .... I usually like Andy's stuff, the photo's of the various stone dams are neat, I think they would have been fun to make and record. The chestnut leaf stems curtain is fragile and a bit of a wonder, but the cow shit window is .... Anyway there were loads of Gatekeeper on Ragwort along the ridge, there must have been 30 or so.

Such a contrast between Old Moor with its enthusiastic staff and fantastic openness, encouraging everyone to look at wildlife and all the "Keep Out" notices around the YWT reserve at the YSP - what a missed opportunity (but am I surprised?).


Grouse said...

Good morning from the Peak District, Alastair. Just found your site but shooting off to pack eggs, so really looking forward to a long brouse later. Spent a lot of time in Whitby as a child so very interested in species sighted there. On our farm we have Winchats, Stonechats, Buzzards, Merlin and a Henharrier.

Alastair said...

Welcome Grouse,
The hen harrier is of interest - presumably Artemis know about it? All English hen harrier are of high interest and very vulnerable - i am aware of winter roosts being shot out for example. http://www.savethehenharrier.com/home.html

Hope you enjoy the blog. I don't suppose you know what my mystery plant is?

Best regards,

Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

Hi Alastair, i`m pretty sure your plant is Broad-leaved Helleborine. I photographed one last week but that was in woodland.

Still enjoying the blog btw. Great stuff.

Alastair said...

Dean, Thank you. And thanks also for the compliments.

Boulmer Birder said...

Yup BL Helleborine it is...