Monday, August 27, 2007

What a tern up

In a couple of hours this evening 648 Common Terns went west, 14 went east. There were 36 Arctic Terns west (I might have missed some as distance, light and numbers were a problem). 23 terns were either Common or Arctic. 28 Sandwich Terns went west and 3 east. Star bird was a single Black Tern west, there was probably another one but I failed to clinch the id and it seemed to vaporise when I tried to refind it. Also on offer were 4 Soots - 2 distant and 2 that together came into the bay late on. Only 2 Manx and they went east. 2 Whimbrel, 3 small wadery jobs that I reckoned might have been RPs. 300 auks on the sea that were 10:1 Guillemots : Razors I thought. There were but 20 or so Kitts and 30 Gannets but Fulmars were at about 40.

A distant whale went west, didn't show the jizz of a Minke - could have been one though - however, best left as a sp - came up three times. At least 3 Harbour Porpoise were on show.

On land there was little to report.

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