Monday, August 06, 2007

Quackers going

Juvvy Kittiwake - they seem to have done ok judging by the number of these about.

No feeding furies offshore today, but this small gathering was just off the point.

Adult Kittiwake

A duck day at Kettleness with 370 Common Scoter west in 4 hours from 6 this morning (3 anarchic ones went east). Also 2 Pintail (one using subterfuge by flying with a female Mallard); 1 Wigeon; 2 Eider and 35 Teal. The other main feature was 95 Manx Shearwater going east (with 13 west later in the morning). Interestingly a Common Scoter is in West Yorkshire this morning and there are large movements of Manx on the west coasts.

Other birds of interest 3 Arctic Skua; 26 Arctic Terns; at least 11 Whimbrel; a Peregrine (but no pesky pigeon) and a juvenile Whinchat.


Nick Carter said...

Make that 36 in West Yorkshire, Darrel had them at effin' GW today effin'

Alastair said...

Nick, was the previous record number of birds seen on a single occasion at green Withens 6? I seem to recall 6 Black-headed Gulls were seen there together, although I think one of them was dead.

darrell j prest said...

now now nick calm your language,remember green withens is the new withens clough!!!!!