Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well that was exciting .... not

Atmosphere shot - fishing
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What a neat juvvy HG

Oooohhh, just look at the moult on that!

What's this then (answers on the back of an envelope please)?

"Call me a Leeb and I'll peck your heart out and eat it minced with squirrel"

Down to the sea at 6:40 The wind was blowing (WNW and west a bit more), there was cloud (but rather a lot of sun too) and the birds .... what birds. Ok so there were a few more Fulmars moving than there have been but the Kitts have given up compared to last week; ok so there was a pile of Sandwich Terns but rather a lot fewer Arctic and Commons. Quackers? 1 Common Scoter and 7 Teal. However, a rather nice juvvy Little Gull fed into the wind and two hours later another one did the same thing. Now, in 11 years of watching Withens Clough I never saw a Little Gull and one Little Gull there, let alone 2 in 2.5 hours would have been a triumph but somehow that isn't the point. After two hours I thought, "This might be a seawatch without a Manx." And then a Manx, one, a single one went by. So I thought, "This might be a seawatch without a Wandering Albatross." And Triton said, "Give it a rest mate." So I packed up and climbed back up the cliff lest I test his patience and engage his wrath.

Anyway, above are some very nice gulls, I always see a pile of them and I've changed the Movie (short) to give you a taste of the sea - I don't mean that literally unless you have a large bucket on the 3rd USB port.

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