Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No seawatch Scaling dam (and work) instead

It was throwing it down at 5 this morning. No way am I sitting on the Kettle in this. So I went to Scaling Dam instead (nice dry(ish) hide). And it was quite good. A long distance Aythya quacker didn't quite give itself up in the very poor visibility but it was most likely a Scaup. There were 4 Gadwall (don't think I've seen them at Scaling before) and 1 drake Wigeon. There was a Dunlin. And then a stack of big gulls appeared, so they needed a sift through, a-ha, a LB-bGull showing the characters of intermedius (small and much darker on the wings, back and mantle than graellsi). So quite good really. Then I had to go to work, yes, I know I'm on holiday, so it goes .....

So I went back to Scaling this evening and there was a Dunlin and 2 Green Sands at the Yorkshire end and at the Cleveland end there was one more of each of these. There was a pair of Wigeon, a Curlew and ..... that was about it so I came home again.

If it isn't raining and if I wake up I'll go seawatching tomorrow.

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Nick Carter said...

Remember the days when you'd have died for that lot at Withens Clough? don't get complacent!