Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scaling Dam and YNU

Scaling Dam this a.m. produced a Marsh Harrier, seen only briefly at the Cleveland end. There appeared to be a bit of Mepit movement west with one small flock going and Mepits in evidence around the reservoir and around the Marsh Harrier. As I drove over the moor later another couple of small flocks were seen, so autumn has really begun.

The YNU meeting clarified what I need to do for this VC62 business, so that was handy. I'll write up the info and stick it on the blog in a day or so.


Nick Carter said...

VC 62 recorder? well done! Hope you get an excellent response from Yorkshire birders.

Alastair said...

Er, I'm not sure about "well done" more bit of arm twisted. However, it seems interesting and hopefully the work is more about liaising and a bit of writing. VC62 had been vacant for a while (some birders may consider it is more vacant now :-) and too few folk were involved. Actually Nick perhaps you might like to help with a species or two for the 2006 report - it would be good if someone from Halifax did Twite for instance..... ? For my sins I've now got gulls, terns and skuas as well as the VC - but not rarity assessment I hasten to add.